HIGHLIGHT ON: Personal Care & Cosmetics Packaging. A Precision Torque Test System that brings unparalleled control to the measurement of small to medium torque values. Designed specifically for applications where delicate or finely-engineered products require testing and accuracy, and repeatability of results is crucial e.g. the precise rotation of lipstick barrels or the quality assurance of cosmetics & personal care packaging.

Key Features:

  • Precise drive-to-loadcell alignment for optimum accuracy & test repeatability.
  • Balanced to remove or apply axial compressive or tensile force.
  • Controlled by Mecmesin's powerful Emperor™ software.
  • Fully Programmable.
  • Measurement from a few mN.m up to 6 N.m
  • Interchangeable torque cells.
  • Precision fixtures to hold even the finest of samples.
  • Also available as a touch-screen model.

Mecmesin has a team of experienced application engineers to design bespoke fixturing often required for precision testing at this level. With counterbalancing to remove axial force effect or enable the application of precise top-load or tensile force, plus the ability to align the drive spindle and torque cell with absolute concentricity.

The Helixa is the ideal solution for industries where accuracy and repeatability is crucial.