Horizontal Dedicated Friction, Peel And Tear Tester

Dedicated Horizontal TesterThe FPT-H1 is a dedicated horizontal tester, designed for testing to all the key industry and international standards for coefficient of friction, and for appropriate horizontal peel and tear methods. Its sleek contemporary styling incorporates ease of use and maintenance.

Built to exacting standards, yet affordable, the FPT-H1 provides the most accurate and detailed measurement, with guaranteed repeatability in testing. It is ideally suited for the packaging industry, for manufacturers, converters and users of paper, board and plastic films, plus coatings, floor coverings and textiles.

  • Pre-programmed to perform static and dynamic coefficients of friction testing to the main international standards for films and sheets.
  • Peel fixtures for 90°, 180° or ‘T’-peel tests designed for packaging, wrapping and laminating market.
  • Tear fixtures suitable for ‘trouser’, and wing-style (Winkelmann/Graves) tear testing on plastic sheeting, paper and fabrics.
  • A choice of loadcells, 10 N and 100 N, to give the flexibility to match the capacity to the test force range for optimum results measurement.
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Key Features

  • Versatile horizontal tester for friction, peel and tear
  • Ideal for packaging manufacturers, converters or user of paper, board and plastic films
  • Pre-programmed for BS EN ISO 8295, ASTM D1894, ISO 15359 and TAPPI T 549
  • Optional factory-fitted ISO 15359 friction sled lift
  • Interchangeable loadcells
  • Fixture kits available for peel and tear testing
  • Available with integral console, or for separate PC-control
  • Optional heated platen