Analytical metallographic systems

Analytical metallographic systems OMOS M-series

OMOS M-series

Designed by researchers for researchers.

OMOS M-series analytical metallographic systems make perfect solution for the microstructure of materials automatic analysis. When you image and analyze samples, you are often faced with complex and interrupted processes that can make tasks take much longer than you want them to. OMOS M-series microscopes have vast experience in bringing together optical precision, automation, analytical power and data management via workflow-oriented system. The new M-series analytical metallographic system product range takes this one step further, offering peerless flexibility and ease of use that can make any task a controlled workflow.

Ostec is dedicated to ensuring that the best solutions are available for your work, from microscopes and digital cameras to software and data storage. OMOS M-series microscopes bring all of our experience to you, giving you control over every aspect of your hardware, workflow, measurements and data management. Our mission is your success both now and in the future. Only three components for the complete solution.

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